Fire District

Areas of Coverage:

The Green Village Fire Department is the primary fire response company for the following:

 Chatham Township District 1
Area West of Noe Avenue, Including:
Aberdeen Road
Bassford Road
Britten Road
Daniel Street
Emmett Street
Ferndale Road
Gibbons Place
Green Village Road
Hickory Place
Joseph Street
Lake Road

Loantaka Lane North
Loantaka Lane South
Loantaka Way
Magnolia Place
Melrose Lane
Noe Avenue (odd #'s only)
Oak Hill Road
Old Farm Road
Overlook Road
Poplar Lane
Sandy Hill Road
Shunpike Road (portion)
Southern Boulevard (portion)
Southward Court
Spring Valley Road (portion)
Spruce Lane
Sterling Drive
Treadwell Avenue (portion)
Warwick Road
Wexford Road
Woodland Avenue
Woodmont Drive

 Harding Township
Portions Including:
Battlefield Drive
  Cherry Lane
Dickson's Mill Road
Douglas Road
Griffin Lane
Hartley Farms Road
Hawk's Nest Lane

Kitchell Road (portion)
Loantaka Lane
MacDougall Lane
Mayfield Road
Meyersville Road
Miller Road
 Spencer Place
Spring House Lane

Spring Valley Road (portion)
Treadwell Avenue (portion)
Village Road (portion)
White Deer Lane
Woodland Avenue
Woodland Road